We manage complaints against attorneys

The Ethics Committee is responsible for managing complaints against attorneys, legal executives and registered associates in The Bahamas.

The five Committee members are appointed by the Bahamas Bar Council each June. They are senior members of the Bahamas Bar Association, with at least five years standing at the Bar.

The Ethics Committee meets once a month to review complaints. Depending on the nature of the complaint it may issue a reprimand to the attorney in question, intervene as arbiter between the attorney and complainant, or, in more serious instances, refer the matter to the Disciplinary Tribunal.

The majority of complaints are based on a lack of communication between attorney and client – from attorney to client and also from client to attorney. In these instances the Ethics Committee is often successful in resolving complaints.

How can I make a complaint?

Lodging a complaint with the Ethics Committee should be the final attempt to resolve your issue with your attorney, after you have exhausted every option to communicate with them and solve the matter yourself.

If none of your efforts are successful, you can submit details of your issue to the Ethics Committee in writing. Click here for instructions on the process to lodge a complaint.

Click here to read the Bahamas Bar Association’s Code of Professional Conduct.

Click here to see the list of disbarred attorneys.

If you have any questions or would like more information on the Ethics Committee, we’re happy to help. You can contact the Bar Association office here.

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