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About the Procedure

The complaint procedure is lengthy and we cannot guarantee a time to resolution, so we always recommend that you first try to solve the problem on your own. The majority of the complaints we receive are based on a lack of communication between attorney and client – from attorney to client and also from client to attorney. Reach out to your attorney to explain your grievance honestly and respectfully, and with a mind open to different methods of resolution

If you have attempted a resolution and are unsuccessful, here are the steps to lodge a complaint:

  1. Use this form to explain the circumstances, your expectations and how they were and/or were not met.
  2. Submit your form, along with any supporting documents. The form will be forwarded to the Ethics Marshall at the Bahamas Bar Association office. You can also send it by email to [email protected]. If you need to make copies of documents at the Bar Association office, these are $1.00/page.
  3. The Ethics Committee will share your complaint with your attorney on your behalf, as part of its investigation.

The Ethics Marshall will process your submission and send it to the Ethics Committee for consideration. Within 6-8 weeks of submitting your complaint you will receive a letter acknowledging receipt and updating you on the status of your case.

We cannot guarantee a time frame to the resolution of your complaint, but we do take each matter seriously. The Ethics Committee thoroughly considers each complaint and allows the attorney in question to respond, as part of its effort to fairly resolve each issue.

Click here to see the list of disbarred attorneys.

If you have any questions we’re more than happy to help, and you can reach us here.

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Have a complaint about your attorney? Read this page to learn how to bring it to the Ethics Committee.

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