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Code of Professional Conduct

The practice of law in The Bahamas continues the oldest traditions and highest standards of the profession. If you witness a trial in the Supreme Court or Court of Appeal, you will observe not only the colonial horsehair wigs and gowns, but also the good manners and professional etiquette, while each side tenaciously defends his client’s cause.

The key quality expected of lawyers is integrity. You will also find that independence of the profession is a most prominent feature. This has had the side effect of producing a large number of small or sole practitioner firms. The notion of gigantic Bahamian firms consisting of dozens or hundreds of lawyers, is not in evidence here. The idea probably has little appeal, because lawyers highly prize their independence. A large firm would usually have more conflicts of interest. It is, therefore, very easy to find a wide selection of competent lawyers who will take your instruction. There is also no loss of efficiency, and perhaps some gain, as many small firms are just as efficient at large ones, and also have far reaching associations with international firms and institutions.

The Code of Professional Conduct sets out in practical detail the standards that lawyers are expected to observe. All of them are to be followed meticulously and conscientiously. The Code is contained in the second blue volume of subsidiary legislation of The Bahamas, chapter 44 at pages 888 to 918. Lawyers are measured by those standards in proceeding in the Ethics Committee and the Disciplinary Tribunal. More importantly, the rules provide guidance in every day situations. Ironically, one of the standards sometimes ignored is that lawyers are expected to report any deficiencies in the profession to the Council, and work with the Council to rectify them. Constructive criticism is the essence of a self-governing profession. Indeed, the Code indicates how criticism should be channeled and how it may be most constructive.

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