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Application for Admission To the Bahamas Bar

The Applicant is required to submit to the Bar Council at least six weeks before date of Call for admission to the Bahamas Bar the following:-

1. A non-refundable processing fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00);

2. one (1) original and ten (10) copies of the following documents for consideration: -

All documents to be filed in the Supreme Court should be on letter sized Bond Paper (8 1/2 X 11). Margin should be 1 1/2 left, 1 right, top and bottom margins.

Kindly note these documents are not to be signed or notarized until Council Approval.

1) Petition (Note: The Petiiton is signed and undated)

2) Affidavit in Support of Petition Exhibits to Affidavit in Support of Petition: a) Curriculum Vitae b) Copies of Certificates c) First FOUR pages of your Passportd) Three Character References, two of which should be from Bahamas Bar Association Financial Members of 5 years Call to the Bar and the other from a non-lawyer.e) A Police Certificate from Royal Bahamas Police Force

3) Affidavit Pursuant to Section 12 of the Legal Profession Act

Ensure that a telephone contact is submitted on the covering letter along with the name, telephone contact and date of call of your presenter.

Please note applications that do not follow the outline format will NOT be accepted by the Bahamas Bar Association.


Petitions and Affidavits should NOT be bound. They may be stapled or paper clipped.


Cover letter must include the Presenter and application fee

2) The Petiiton is signed and undated

3) Affidavit in Support of Petition must have ALL EXHIBITS included in the document and not as a separate document for us to put in order (as has been done previously on many occasions and the Bar Office having to take time to correct). The Exhibits referred to must be clearly marked and placed behind the CERTIFICATE in the Affidavit then the backing sheet attached; The three (3) references must have a return address and the Police Certificate is also required. Do not submit the Petition and two Affidavits all stapled together. They are three separate documents.

4) Affidavit of Authenticity

5) All documents are to be prepared with the proper margins on letter size plain white paper with the correct margins:-

(i) Left 1 1/2 inches (ii) Right 1" (iii) Top 1" (iv) Bottom 1"

5) There should be Ten (10) copies of EACH DOCUMENT AND THEY ARE TO BE COMPILED AS FOLLOWS:-


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